Wednesday, August 1, 2007

new york city, summer 2007

Today was interesting. Good and bad and different. I woke up just in time to read my August horoscope ( by Susan Miller (my friend Chrissie's mom who is also really kind of famous for her star psychic-powers). The month in review looked a little odd and left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not sure I TOTALLY buy horoscopes but, being the pisces that I am, I always read them. Just in case.

I went to be interviewed by this girl named Stevie for an Austrailian magazine. She was so pretty and probably the best interviewer I've encountered thus far, with me being in the opposing seat. I think I got some tips from her. She was so curious it actually made me more curious about myself (a rarity). We went to Mogador and Leo was there, as was Aviva. Leo is in the book and hasn't read it yet. Gotta get him a copy (or buy it, cheapskate). JUST KIDDING!

We took photo booth pictures which is my favorite form of photography. Then another kid met me, Brian, also pretty, and he had a lot of gear with him. I could never be a photographer for that reason: too much fucking gear! Snap a snappy snapshot and get 'er movin! But he did take nice pictures and also gave me a peach. I would never be a good photographer. No interest whatsoever. "Say 'cheese'! Smile!" Whatever.

Then I felt like being different and got all my hair chopped off and even colored it a nice, buttery brown. Pictures soon I promise.

I saw Bill, Jen Reynolds, Carrie, Handsome Ted and Coffee Cups. Newbies and blasts from the pasts abound. I got a Thai iced coffee and invited Bill and JR over and they wouldn't leave.

I'm totally obsessed with Joseph Campbell right now, so I'm off to get my fix.