Monday, September 3, 2007

mix tape #1

This is a mix I just made for my friends Michael and Kalin.

1. Unwritten: Theme song from The Hills
2. Holland Tunnel: John Phillips
3. Rich Girls: The Virgins
4. I Think I See The Light: Cat Stevens
5. Walking With A Ghost: Tegan and Sara
6. Major Tom (Coming Home): Petere Schilling
7. The Singer: Liza Minelli
8. Track 15: Just Farr Another Laugh (Jeff Jenson's prank calls)
9. Heartbeats: The Knife
10. One In A Million: Guns n Roses
11. Cheri Love Affair: GG Allin
12. Chains of Love: Erasure
13. I Wanna Sex U Up: Color Me Badd
14. Gabrielle: Ween
15. Anything, Anything: Dramarama
16. Bad Blood: Neil Sedaka & Elton John
17. No Myth: Michael Penn
18. Standing in the Way of Control: The Gossip
19. Track 17: Just Farr Another Laugh
20. Southern Man: Merry Clayton
21. Under the Milky Way: The Church
22. Wicked Game: Giant Drag
23. Picture: Kid Rock & Sheryl Crowe
24. Man With No Expression: Terry Reid
25. Army of One: Phish
26. Lonesome Sundown: Tom Petty
27. All Cleaned Out: Elliot Smith
28. In The End: Linkin Park