Saturday, December 1, 2007

the flight

The first thing people usually ask about going to Australia is, "Holy shit! How long is that fucking flight?" Well friends, the flight was 22 hours long-that includes the 5 hours to LA. And no, we didn't sit in first class or business. It wasn't THAT bad. The number of times I peed: 7
The number of magazines I read: 3
The number of movies I watched: 4
The number of hours I slept: ???
The number of pills I took: 0
The number of meals they gave us: 3
The number of times Scott and I broke up and got back together...

This is in LA. Things were already starting to get grumpy.

Minutes before we landed in Sydney. I had a Temperpedic neck thingy and a cashmere pashmina, plus a blindfold thingy and earplugs. It's hard to sleep with all that crap all over you!

We were soooo tired when we got there but we had to stay awake. We walked all over Sydney and saw this stuff.

The good news is that we slept really well that night. Also, Qantas has really good movies:
The Darjeeling Lmtd
Pirates of the Caribbean 3
Die Hard 4
The Bourne Supremecy

Old classics such as; Fight Club, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, and Out of Africa

Back to back episodes of; Family Guy, The Office (UK and US), Ab Fab-and I discovered a new favorite TV show that I'm OBSESSED with. It's called Summer Heights High and it's Australian I think. Gonna have to look into it.

Plus a million more things! So much that we didn't have time to watch half the shit we wanted to. Well done Qantas.

(We also slept 14 hours when we got home, woke up and went straight to the Ween show. Coverage on that later.)