Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Street Carnage

Gavin and Derrick have been BFF since college. Gavin had a special fondness for bi-racial dudes in overalls, while Derrick was looking for a soul mate, particularly one without a chin.
Hence, a friendship was born.

Then Gavin graduated college and he started Vice and wrote the Dos n Don't's for like, 8 million years while Derrick graduated and got a nickname ("Big Pinky", but no one ever calls him that) and started watching a lot of TV and recording it. Then he sold the tapes he recorded and made people laugh. And also he made t-shirts.

Then Gavin and Vice broke up and Derrick and Gavin got married and now they have just given birth to their first child.
There's a lot of funny shit on this site. I'm proud of these homies.

Plus, I write for it: Yippee!
Killing two birds with one very funny stone!

(P.S. I didn't get this photo, but I'm told it's a Sex Pistols reference.)