Thursday, January 3, 2008

Vermont Part 1: Fireplace Bar and Pajama Showdown

For New Years n such, we went to Vermont. We stayed in a little cabin in the Equinox Mountains. First, we went to a little bar where they played bluegrass. We saw a fat dude who kinda looked like Matt Sweeney, so we called him Fat Sweeney.

The boys got drunk while the girls got silly. Well actually, everyone got drunk except me. And everyone got silly.

When we got to the cabin we had a "who has the best pj's?" contest.

Who won? Everyone. When we woke up we found this guy in bed with us...

His name is Puddle. No, Storm. No, Smokey. Answer: all of the above.

The black kitty we named Brimley because we thought he looked like Wilford Brimley. This was the view from our pillow:

Surprises, little.

Good meow meow!