Monday, March 31, 2008

getting stung by the african killer bee of we're having more fun now

We've been in Pushkar for about 4 or 5 days.
Pushkar is full of (a list by Allison Farber):
men in skirts
renaissance fair folk
flowy clothes
long white tunics
toe rings
side slung cloth bag
deep thoughts
pensive states
henna tats
elf doors
face jewelery
people who used to be white

The most annoying this is how white hippies here walk around barefoot. The streets are infested with disease people! It's not me exaggarating. The hippies try so hard to be part of the native culture which doesn't help anyone at all. In fact it's fucking self centered and makes things worse.
Whatever, I just bored myself.

Next we are going to visit our old friend ARIEL TELFORD, who some of you might remember from life moments such as seeing bands play in Long Island and being good buddies with Ben Van Dyke. We're flying to Calcutta and meeting up.

"I'm not sure if I just took a nap or had a heat stroke."