Tuesday, April 22, 2008

100 o'clock

In the next 48 hours I'll have traveled by boat, 2 cars, a motorcycle, and 3 planes.

Where am I going???

I'll never tell!

(Except when I write another blog entry)

Me and Farber have just gotten to the point where we don't even speak in sentences. Our conversations are just one word, or else they're in elaborate paragraphs. Our relationship reminds me of rehab except we did this by choice and we're not recovering from anything. It's just this massive test of wills and breaking downs' in order to get built back ups'.

Our jokes are just words now. We forgot how they started, we've said them so many times they've lost meaning and now it's just funny to hear the word said.

Right now she's in the airport somewhere, I can't find her. She's going to London and I'm in a panic.

I'll really miss it when she says things to the waiter, such as "This isn't iced tea! It's a fucking abortion!"

Or when she asks me questions like, "Do you know that song called "Pure Coke" by Planet Asia?"

What can I say? She's my muse.

Oh Farber where are you when I need you most?