Monday, May 5, 2008

heal me!

Today the most awesome thing happened!

(note: never in my life could I have EVER imagined writing down the following sentence):

Today I went to the crystal healing store to get help with my 3rd Chakra and I totally almost got involved in a pyramid scheme!!!!!!

If there's anything in my life that I've ever wanted to happen (that hasn't happened already), it's to be propositioned to get in with a pyramid scheme!

This really sweet albeit naive and new age-y French woman was showing us a case of "healing scents." Literally it was a suitcase filled with those weird "scents" you can buy at Whole Foods.

As we were smelling them and trying them on, she continued to explain how we can buy a whole case and sell them ourselves (!!!!). "Yes," she says, "it works like a sort of pyramid, but not really." AMAZING.

As I started to die/laugh/OMG myself, she gets confused and seems to have no idea what the problem is. "The woman who sold me this case makes $1000 a week," she tells us.

We tried to explain to her that it's not really a business model that works, but she didn't understand. She only told us that we could come back whenever and decide. "Spend some time with the scents and let me know."

This was almost as good as someone trying to get me to join a cult.
I hope that happens (again) soon.

On a side note, crystals totally work.