Thursday, August 21, 2008


Loser, tonight, Bowery Electric, 11pm. I don't sound excited about it now but trust me, I will be fully jazzed on Red Bull by the time ya'll show up. YOU WILL show up, right?

In other news, I really need a super special talented editorial intern. Think about people you know, students, cousins, whomever.

Ideally I want someone who really wants to be a writer. A young, hungry, confident writer who isn't gonna tell me they have food poisoning as an excuse to not be at work. SAVE THE SPEECHES FOR MALCOLM X!

Jk...but not that much. (I actually know how serious food poisoning is so it bothers me when people lie about having it).

There is potential for a paid position. I want this intern sitch to blossom into something beautiful. Organization is key.

If you email anywhere other than this address you will automatically NOT get the internship.
Can you handle that? Was I too abrasive just now?
If you think I was, you probably won't want to be my intern.

See you tonight at my 90s party!