Thursday, March 5, 2009


Oh 20s. I'll miss you. I'll miss your making bad decisions but thinking they're good. I'll miss your learning about codependent relationships, fluctuating weight, and networking. I'm glad I sifted through all kinds of shitty friendships with you in order to find out who I really liked. I had some great epiphanies during this decade. I enjoyed you, and I'll miss you!

I'll miss posing with a cigarette and thinking it looks cool too.

Today I woke up with insane kidney stone pain, so I took some pain pills and went to work. I was really nice to Keith and I wore the crazy Jeremy Scott leggings that Sam got for me. I still felt terrible so after work I went to Gavin and Emily's. Baby Sophie was sick too. We all chilled on the couch and drank tea and ate toast. From the leggings to the old lady stee, it was a perfect segue into my old age.
Then I came home and me and Machine ate McDonald's on the bed and watched Jeopardy! and snuggled and that's what we're still doing right this very second.
It was a good last thursday!
PS Sorry it's not that "weird." Sarah Morrison, I told you, I need ideas.