Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sorry To Be Such A Downer

One thing that's dawned on me lately is that I should never assume anything. I know that's a pretty obvious thing to say, and everyone "knows that already," but do they? Because I know I totally forget. And just because we want something, doesn't mean we should assume we're going to get it. Even if we work hard and act nice towards others and keep doing the next "right thing" it doesn't mean all of our wishes will come true.

I could've heard this 10 years ago but not have even heard it at all. Time has such a nice/shitty/funny way of proving to us that we get exactly what we need, just not always even close to what we want.

Like don't assume you're gonna be rich. Even if you are right now, or your parents are, don't assume that will always be the case.

Don't assume that drinking everyday is just a phase you're going through.

Don't assume you're gonna marry someone "important." Don't assume you're gonna have kids. Don't assume that if you do have kids, they're gonna be healthy. Don't assume fame or comfort. Don't assume people don't talk shit about you. Don't assume you're entitled to anything.

Hard things don't just happen to other people.

BYE! xoxox