Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Wear

It's cold out. Too cold to wear skirts n tights. Too cold to look cute. I am so sick of my clothes and am lacking fashion inspiration. I go out in a flannel shirt, sleep in it, and then wear again the next day. Who cares?

Look how cute these Japanese girls are pulling off winter style. It's not like we're shocked. Japanese people have been living in the future since Year 1.

I feel like this is a very Missbehave look. And she's killing it with those Ugg boots.

Okay so maybe these aren't the sexiest of looks but it's cold. It's hard not to dress like a dump-mare and stay warm. I know these outfits are NOT very J Shore but I have to save those looks for warmer weather. Unless I buy Ugg boots. Pink ones.

DARE I????

[photos via dropsnap]