Friday, February 5, 2010

X Girl pt 2

Today's outfit was inspired by my favorite X Girl and 90s icon and Now icon and one of my favorite people, Miss Chloe Sevs. I was looking for a specific photo that Pat O'Dell took a while ago but I couldn't find it. This is sort of the gist.

T shirt: Given to me by Meryl Smith aka "Merks-Gruber" aka "Merks Fish."
Plaid button down: Sal's Boutique aka Salvation Army
*You can't see my raver jeans but they're just your basic wild boot cuts from The Gap. Sneakers, Adidas Rod Lavers.

There's a whole soundtrack that goes along with it too. It's my Long Island Rail Road playlist. The songs I used to listen to when I took the train into the city. The songs I listened to when I wanted to be cool in the 90s.

1. Quicksand: Dinosaur Jr.
2. 6'1": Liz Phair
3. She Be Wantin' It More: Luscious Jackson
4. Prove My Love: Violent Femmes
5. I Wish I Was Him: Kathleen Hanna
6. My Drug Buddy: The Lemonheads
7. Stick The Fucking Flag Up Your Ass You Goddamn Son Of A Bitch: Propagandhi
8. Puzzle Pieces: Tiger Trap
9. March: Avail
10. #1 Chance Pirate TV: Team Dresch

There are 1000 more. One day I'll add them.