Saturday, April 10, 2010

Hopped up outta bed, turned my swag on, took a look in the mirror said what's up?

Either I'm bored, cracked out because I can't sleep, both, hungry, and other things, BUT as I was making a mix I came across 3 videos IN A ROW that start with the artist getting out bed in the morning. Some people might call this a huge waste of time. I might be one of them.

Exhibit A: Hoodoo Gurus-I Want You Back (one of my new favorite songs, unfortunate band name however)

Exhibit B: Soulja Boy-Turn My Swag On (classico domingo)

Exhibit C: Big L: Put It On (RIP!)

I'm sure there are more, like I'm sure the song "Manic Monday" by the Bangles starts with an alarm clock going off and everyone being really manic, but that song is not good. Have you ever really listened to the lyrics? "My 'I don't have to run' day"? Really? That's your rhyme?

I've been trying to make a mix tape to post in honor of all the people who made banners (I'm sorry I can't make individual ones) and I will, but I simply don't have the mixtape-making care juice I once had as a youngster. Please don't be mad. I'm so tired and I can't sleep. I even started to make a mix and this is where my brain went!!

So cut me some slack and I'll love you forever and I'll really mean it this time.