Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Never Promised You A Wrap Dress

I know it's hot in NYC, but over here in Los Angeles it's chilly! I got excited about this wrap dress I found at a thrift store.
Check out my rat tail and peep the way I wear it.
I'm crazy about these socks I got from Top Shop. I need more thigh highs in my life.
Also, this is important:
Side note, I'm really missing New York lately. I know I'm not "missing anything" and it's hot as balls there and I'm not dying to go home, but there's a new sense of longing in my stomach. I think most of the time in LA I just feel like I don't fit in anywhere. I've heard that it takes a while in LA to find your niche and I really get that. It's very autonomous out here which is a weird adjustment, but a good experience and experiment nonetheless.
I'm just gonna raise my big brown mug for now and say "here's to another month!"
More soon and wish you were here. xox