Friday, July 16, 2010

Status Report

Los Angeles has been treating me well. There are some ins and outs I've had to learn, for example, I can't really go anywhere between the hours of 4-7pm (the traffic will make you slit your wrists, plus the fact that the sun is beating down on you and you have to pee).
Hilary and I have been getting in a lot of pool time. The weather has been a dream and I finally figured out (sorta) how to control my hair (the air is really dry).
Here's Hilary being cute.

I wanted to take a picture of my feet because I do believe they are truly stunning.
The other night I went to this bowling alley where they had Karaoke. I was fiending for my peeps because I know we would have gone apeshit. I went apeshit anyway.
I mean, I couldn't not. This guy was there and his name is BLAQUE CHRIS.
Matty and Brian are in The Soft Pack and also, they love each other.
In other news, there are always coyotes (yes that's the proper pluralization) in the backyard and today we saw a deer eating an orange back there. I was too sleepy to take a picture.

We've been having some late night hang out sessions on the patio where we end up laughing too hard and smoking too many cigarettes and getting yelled at by our neighbor the next day. That's a little slice of perfection right there.

There's also a milkshake at the diner I really enjoy: vanilla, honey, and peanut butter.

Fuck I gotta start being more interesting. Will soon. xo