Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I just got back from Mexico. Maybe I was sleep deprived, but tell me if your brain wtf's this as much as mine did.

I guess having to be at the airport at 4am didn't help, but I was kind of hungry and thirsty and usually I just depend on the kindness of airport McDonald's breakfast to help me out. Instead I saw this place:
Hmmm. Interesting. Looks like they're selling bags of hay and old TV dinners...

Upon closer inspection... what a shocker:
It's either old hay, cow dung, or a bag of hair. Yum, appetizing. I can't wait to eat this on the plane?

You know what I can really go for right now? A box of steak from 1978.
I then saw there was a candy shop open so I meandered my starving ass over there. Just in case you forgot, this is what candy usually looks like in my brain:
But I guess this is what candy looks like in a Mexican persons brain:
A delicious bag of doody balls.

Imagine if someone gave you these on Halloween:
Can I have some more candy flavored baby food please?
I'm really in the mood for a black pinwheel with nuts on it.
Oh yeah. MEXICO.
I'll take a plastic bag of turds for $109 please.