Saturday, May 10, 2008

What's up?

Oh, not that much.
The world's biggest dog happened (again).

Someone told me they thought this was REALLY funny.

I watched a program on the BBC about dudes who have for real relationships with dolls.
My jaw got rug burn from it dragging on the floor.

In other news, Michael sat like this:

Aaron ate like this:

Chrissy and Alex chilled like this:

Jen tried on my glasses like this:

I went out to eat with my prom date:

I had a meeting with the Jalouse girls who obviously have good taste in footwear (slippers and penny loafers? Yes please).

Also, Winnie had a birthday party at "Fuck That I'm Going To Santa's." The place is really just called Santa's but I'm sure you're familiar with the t-shirt that everyone was wearing like, 69 years before the place opened. Well, it's open now and it's mad legit.
Spencer even makes all the bartenders wear sequin vests. I was surprised they weren't wearing white overalls and flip-flops (Spencer's uniform, fyi).

I like this light. It's creepy and about the same size as my heart.

Oh shit. I just realized I'm like, a total hipster.