Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sensual Seduction

Jen invited me to a private Kanye West show. She's like be fri with him. Besties. He called her a "fly color Asian." TIGHT.

At first we just walked around and drank Shirley T's and took pix of each other...

Then I saw Spike Lee and I was like "Can you take a picture with me?" And he's all "I'm done!" Then he stood right in front of Jen and she's like, "Back up bitch!" And then he was our total bitch cuz Jenny is mad real like that.

She overheard what he was saying to his bodyguard and BBM'd it to me...

Guess what Spike Lee? You're a herb! (jk...come on).
Tara's not though...

It took Your HIGHness Sir Kanye West like twompers hours to hit the stage, my dogs were barking.

When he came out, it was the jump off! (I don't know what that means). He sat in an egg shaped chair for a while...

Awwww. It's cute!

He had these naked girls come out and we were like, "COOL!"

Then they stayed on stage for a little too long and we were like, "WEIRD!"

The dude who owns Alife was geeking out big time. He was wasted and trying to give Kanye West his BUSINESS CARD WHILE DUDE WAS LITERALLY IN THE MIDDLE OF RAPPING.

Put that away for crying out loud. He tried to hand it to him and Mr. West was like, "Um...I'm rapping. Could you not?"

Then he got das boot kid!

So good.
Are there any possible Backstage Betty's in the audience tonight? They sure is.