Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This Is Weird

So, I spoke to a psychic today. Although I'm a Pisces I have to tell you that I've never had any luck with psychics. They usually tell me shit that's way off (i.e. "do you work with medicine?") or stuff that is so vague it can be relevant to anyone (i.e. "you have a very independent spirit.")
Today my experience was very, very different.
I spoke to her over the phone and barely said anything the whole time. She was so on point about some stuff it was freaky.
At one point she asked me if I had done a drawing of my cats that had been on hanging up in my apartment for a while (I didn't tell her that I even had cats). I couldn't think of anything (a drawing I did???) until I remembered that underneath all the crap hanging on my fridge, was this:

I made this years ago and it's been taped to my fridge since I first moved in. She told me I should put it on my blog (I didn't tell her I had a blog).
So here it is. I doubt it means anything but I just wanted to do it, especially because I had such a weird, insightful reading from her.
If you don't believe in psychics that's fine (Gavin) but for the love of God let me have this!