Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cafe Con Weirdo

Today is the birth of my new blog. It's like "Coffee Talk" without the coffee or the talk. Just typing and the occasional gossip corner.

Tonight I ate at Bar Pitti with Jen Brill and Rafael. They both sort of lit a fire under my ass to get shit to happen. And by "shit" I mean work and by happen I mean right fucking now.

Tomorrow I have an interview/photo shoot with a magazine called Russh (?) and then another photo shoot with another mag called Young Lion (I think?). Then I might go over to Lindsay's on 9th and A to possibly color my hair.

I'm having major hair issues right now. It's long and weird and not suiting me at all.

This photo was taken by Billy Strobeck. It's my author photo from Dear Diary. Part of his "Bubblegum Series" that he shot for Vice. Kinda cute? I need a camera.