Sunday, February 24, 2008

I went home

I went home to visit my mom-piece. She doesn't live in the house I grew up in anymore. This is where I grew up:

I used to look out this window at night and dream about Blake from Jawbreaker (and Billie Joe Armstrong: guilty as charged!).

I still managed to find some cool relics from my past.

Oh, do you not know about Tray Chic? Watch this and freak the fuck out:

Sorry this gem won 2nd place in the Nassau county poster contest

And the award for Best Supporting Friendship goes mom!

During the Virginia Slim days...

Before my nose dropped:

Senior year...

Ever read House of Leaves? This is the five-and-a-half minute hallway. Creepy as fuck.

Why isn't this hanging in my apartment? My mom won't part with it is why.

And this is the couch that my mom didn't think was cool until I told her I wanted it. Get off the dick!

Nighty night ya'll.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Heloise I love you

I saw Heloise and The Savoir Faire play last night. Most amazing live show I've seen all year. Better than Ween even. Like a dummy I forgot my camera but Abby gave me some pix. No video though, so it's hard to see how fast my heart was beating...

In other news, I also forgot to take my camera to Dr. Isaacs. I got 6 thick-ass syringes straight into the muscle. Fucking OUCH.
Hep A
Hep B

Still hurts.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Sex Ghost

I noticed recently that in the Ghostbusters theme song, they say "Busting makes me feel good!" And also, the ghost looks like a sperm.


"On Thursday night was Genevive's 28th birthday. We rolled over to her
pad for a night of caviar, seafood paella, meat floavored soda and

"Lesley started the night off with zero days."

"Rafael ignored me and did whippits all night. By himself."

"Dan and Lesley insisted on getting me jealous all night. Thank God
Scotty wasn't there, he would've beaten Dan's ass."

"The real fun started when me and Aron started djing. We played
Terence Trent Darby's Wishing Well and the kids went nuts. We
followed it up with Soul II Soul's Back to Life and Lesley tied her
scarf around her head and looked like a gorgeous Nubian princess!"

"****This is hard!!!!!!! Can you write some more and pretend it's me?!"

Friday, February 15, 2008

A Valentine Poem

Valentine's Day ain't no big deal. Scott just made me a huge-ass meal:

After we ate and watched Lost, on his skin I embossed:

Good thing these tattoos aren't real. Oh is that a nipple crying? No big deal.

I don't need much ink on a dude. I really enjoy nature's tattoos.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

American Idol

You fucked up.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Come March 20 I will be leaving for Southeast Asia. I will be gone for two months.

If you've ever been to India (golden triangle area), Nepal (Annapurna trek, Kathmandu) or Northern Thailand please email me for tips.

Is this a cool tattoo?

Not for me, but for someone who was into tattoos?

cat power vs scrunch power

I went to the Cat Power show, and I also went to hang out with my friend Scrunch.

Chan dedicated one of my favorite songs to "Barfin Arfin" and Sophie can say the word "Bubble." Both things almost made me cry.

(PS thank you Ben and the girl who didn't write her name for more fucking amazing mixes!!)