Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Erin Krause is my friend. She's a cool girl who I don't really know THAT well so I thought I'd ask her some questions to perchance get to know her better. She has a blog I like her. Do you?

1. What kind of books (or magazines) do you like to read?
I'm kind of obsessed with reading magazines about health and science because I'm such a hypochondriac. I'm also kind of obsessed with reading about people who die horribly tragic deaths, or commit suicide. I love the Tuesday Science Times. I also like books about or written by girls/women and pulpy crime novels, and authors that give you insight into the way the world works like Malcolm Gladwell. Sometimes I look at fashion stuff sometimes, but not really.

2. If you felt like having sex with a woman, anyone alive or dead, who would it be? (In other words, who is your TEN?). Monica Vitti, she seems kinda cold and icy, but I bet she'd be wild in the sack. She's a Scorpio.

3. What board game (or parlor game) to like to play and what 6 people would you chose to play it with? Ok, this is personal and maybe cliche, but I'd like to play Truth or Dare where everyone has to get a shot of truth serum before you start and every dare would at least have to be a 7.5 on a scale of 1-10 and I'd like to play it with one of my x-boyfriends who's kind of a liar, this really hot girl I met the other night who has to remain nameless, Christian Bale who must be a some kind of superior human being, Mr. Bush the President, Kurt Cobain, and Lesley, so she could write about the whole thing afterwards.

4. What do you have in your closet that you are saving to give to your daughter? Am I really suppose to do that? I'm already a bad mom and I haven't even started yet. FUUUUUUUUUCKKKKKK...
And now I'm cursing. Great.

5. Who did you ever have a sex dream about that now makes you feel slightly weird every time you hear that person's name or see them? This is too embarrassing. I'm afriad he'll read it.

6. What do you think is very pretentious? (Could be a movie, a person, an art movement, etc.) Everybody says that theatre people are really pretentious, but the ones I work with are totally the least pretentious people EVER. I think film people are worse, and ART is the worst wosrt. Like, oh here's my track of mud, now lets sell it and act like babies.

7. What would you rather, have someone pull off your fingernails and toenails individually (no painkillers) OR eat corn kernels out of poop until you got really, really full (there would be a way to measure your fullness)? I'd choose torture over the gross poop thing. At least then you'd know what its like to be tortured. And your nails would totally grow back.