Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Summer Vacation Part 1

I went to Vermont for my second Old Home Day. Old Home Day is like the town homecoming. The town (I won't tell you which one, it's too sacred) has a population of about 700. They had a parade, a carnival, a chicken BBQ, and a book sale. We stayed with Jet and Zoe and their kids, Oscar and Simon. Zoe also has another kid on the way. We stayed here:

This was one of our windows.

Jet and Zoe have the most amazing house. They live in the town's old general store. They made it their own.

This was my special spot.

Surprises, little.

This is Simon. He enjoys sword fighting and the colors white, orange, blue, and black.

I got all these amazing books for a grand total of $3.

I didn't wear a bra for 4 days.