Monday, August 6, 2007


Last night I was hanging out with Sarah, Gavin, and Emily and we were all googling pictures of who we each thought was a perfect TEN. Sarah thinks that you don't know unless you know their personality, and I think Gavin agrees, but I think in real life that goes without saying. I was thinking TEN strictly looks-wise. We were also just talking about girls. For boys, a TEN for me is Ron Weasley. Sorry.

Gavin thinks Beatrice Dalle is a perfect TEN.

We agreed she was hot and interesting looking, very sexy, but not a TEN. She's a little French Whore-ish for my likes. Gavin says a perfect TEN is totally hot but also a little weird looking. Thanks Gavin!

Emily claims she would get plastic surgery to look like Lou Doillon. NO THANKS!

I would make Charlotte my own personal fuck doll. (Courtesy of Jen Brill)

And Sarah likes the chick from Labyrinth, who the rest of us deemed too normal and boring. Gavin claims that she's "a girl's TEN."

In other news, Gavin pulled a TV up to his roof with ropes (the staircase is like walking up a spine). We watched a french horror movie called High Tension outside with blankets, snuggles, cookies, and jokes. Emily was so scared she had to go downstairs and make Ikea Swedish meatballs. I give the meatballs a NINE and High Tension a SIX.