Monday, September 17, 2007

Mix Tape #2

This is a mix I made for my friend Alex. She plays guitar in the band ModRocket and she also won the guitar battle this year. She is in 11th grade.

1. The Passenger: The Lunachicks
2. Her Jazz: Huggy Bear
3. Cunt Tease: Pussy Galore
4. I'm Straight: The Modern Lovers
5. I Wanna Be A Homosexual: Screeching Weasel
6. I Want To Be Cold: Cex
7. Lizzy: Melvins
8. Free To Be...You And Me: Marlo Thomas and Friends
9. Sailin On: Bad Brains
10. Brat Girl: Bratmobile
11. Carry The Zero: Built To Spill
12. Oh! You Pretty Things: David Bowie
13. Your Face: Smog
14. I Wish I Was Him: Kathleen Hanna
15. 100,000 Fireflies: Superchunk
16. Breakout A-Town: Julie Ruin
17. Mr. Blue Sky: ELO
18. Beer City: Pee Chees
19. You Make My Dreams Come True: Hall and Oates
20. Boxcar: Jawbreaker
21. Holland Tunnel: John Phillips
22. Where Eagles Dare: Misfits
23. S.T.F.F.U.Y.A.Y.S.O.A.B.: Propagandhi
24. I Want You Around: Ramones
25. Walking With A Ghost: Tegan and Sara
26. The Spirit Of The Radio: Rush
27. Dead End Justice: The Runaways
28. Birthday Boy: Ween
29. Feels Blind: Bikini Kill
30. Pissing In A River: Patti Smith