Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I went to a party on Monday night and I ate a hamburger. I felt a little sick during the party but it wasn't bad. When I got home the nightmare began. FOOD POISONING! I puked so many time I started passing out and ending up in weird positions, not knowing how I'd gotten there. Scott took me to the hospital where they IV dripped me so that I could get some water in my system. I couldn't even drink water!
I hate food, I'm never eating again.

Scott took me to Greenpoint. I drank Gatorade and Gingerale through a straw. Sometimes when I'm not sick, I wish I was because it's fun to sleep all day and sip things through a straw and eat a little oatmeal or a cracker. But yesterday it did NOT feel good. My whole body hurt. It was like I had gotten my assed kicked.
Sometimes it's fun to wear your pj's all day and drink tea with a spoon and act like a baby. Just not always.