Sunday, February 24, 2008

I went home

I went home to visit my mom-piece. She doesn't live in the house I grew up in anymore. This is where I grew up:

I used to look out this window at night and dream about Blake from Jawbreaker (and Billie Joe Armstrong: guilty as charged!).

I still managed to find some cool relics from my past.

Oh, do you not know about Tray Chic? Watch this and freak the fuck out:

Sorry this gem won 2nd place in the Nassau county poster contest

And the award for Best Supporting Friendship goes mom!

During the Virginia Slim days...

Before my nose dropped:

Senior year...

Ever read House of Leaves? This is the five-and-a-half minute hallway. Creepy as fuck.

Why isn't this hanging in my apartment? My mom won't part with it is why.

And this is the couch that my mom didn't think was cool until I told her I wanted it. Get off the dick!

Nighty night ya'll.