Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tough Tears

I got food poisoning! Or a parasite! Or both?
I also saw elephants walking down the street like whateves.
A monkey attacked Allison.
I puked for 12 hours and died.
Met a bunch of creepy people who turned out to be nice, and nice people who turned out to be creepy.

Let me also add that "travelers" are so gay. Backpackers and the like.
It's like this pissing contest for who can travel in worse conditions.
"Oh you're spending R300 a night? Wow, you're lucky!" (R300 is $8.50)
"Wait, you didn't sleep on the street yet and get Dysentery? I feel sorry for you mate." (They all say "mate").
"You haven't gotten eaten by a shark and died yet? Poor thing."

Since I'm recuperating from my death, we checked into an 8 million star hotel and I'm slowly making my way out of fetal. Plus I also scored these anti-nausea pills not yet approved for sale in USA. SCORE. Get ready to never vomit again friends!

*Interesting fact*: Rupees are also the currency used in Legend of Zelda.