Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the flip flops

There are baby kitties all over this island! As if it couldn't get any better. We already named a bunch after the food we've been giving them. So far there's Pancake, there's Hot Dog, there's Orange, and there's Blackout. Blackout's name is more of just a shout-out to India.

We found out that India is really I.N.D.I.A. and it stands for I'll Never Do It Again.
Oh that's good.

When Farber and I were in high school we used to write notes to each other 8 million times a day. We used to make up fake bumper stickers and t-shirts (mostly about the Long Island hardcore scene) that we thought were pretty funny, so we thought we'd give it another go. WARNING: I'M NOT SURE IF THIS WILL BE FUNNY TO ANYONE ELSE.

"I went to India and all I got was Malaria."

"I joined a cult and all I did was eat with my hands."

"I went to India and all I got was this stupid linen t-shirt and MC Hammer pants."

"I went to Nepal and all I did was die so I didn't go."


"My other rickshaw is my feet."

"My Thai kid stole your honor students flip flops and sold them on the beach."

"A Tsunami is coming, and she is pissed."

"Please don't shit on my street, I don't walk down your toilet with a fanny pack taking pictures." (work in progress)

And now for some other funny things we say:

"I just stepped on a Sting Ray."= I stepped on a plastic bag

"That's definitely a Man-O-War."= it was a plastic bag

"I just saw a shark."= it was the sunlight reflecting off the water. In a pool.

"The Tsunami is coming back."= there was a small wave

"We just got Scabies."= we saw a man scratch his leg

"Someone stole my Havianas!!!" (um,Farber left her flip flops outside of a store)