Thursday, May 29, 2008

Never A Dull Moment

Sheesh.Is life hard or what? I mean, good-hard by all means, but still it's fucking brutal. I know feelings aren't facts, spirals don't have to be shameful, and when life hands you lemons you don't have to make lemonade. You can make something else. You can make a Long Island Iced Tea or an Arnold Palmer. You don't even have to make a drink at all. You can squeeze the lemon juice all over your open wounds instead. I mean, everyone knows it's not really about the lemon anyway but what you do with it that counts.

Here's something that counts: binding your love by law, like J Penry and Meg did last weekend.


My table crew.
Another table crew.

Just a crew of general riff raff. White trash, two Heebs, and a...southerner.
Things eventually got weird, like always.

Live it, learn it, etc:

In other news, I'm still blogging for but not only that, I'm also the new Editor-At-Large at Missbehave magazine. They have a blog too, and I got my posts on that as well. Sherlock Holmes it your own damn self, the internet is easy enough isn't it? (JK. If I don't get enough hits I'll totally link it asap, I'm just really tired right now and don't feel like sitting at my computer any longer).

Oh yeah, before I forget, I'm back to being a DJ. More details to follow but let's just's a 90s night called 120 Minutes with me and Greg from The Misshapes at The Bowery Electric, Thursday nights, starting June 19.