Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Day The Music Died

On my way to work today I passed by Hot Bagels and as it turns out...


This is the conversation I had with the "Mean" guy. I'm friendly with everyone who works there. There's "Mean" guy, "Old, Retarded, But Nice" guy, and "Young" guy aka "Hairline."

Me: What's Happening?
Mean Guy: We're closing.
M: Like, renovating?
MG: No. Closing. We're Closed.
M: How do you mean?
MG: Closed.
M: Forever?
MG: Yes.
M: What? This is major!
MG: [blank stare]
M: What are you going to do now?
MG: Work somewhere else.
M: Where?
MG: I don't know.
M: At a bagel place?
MG: [blank stare]
M: This is major! You didn't even warn us!!!!!!!!!!

I then walked away and thought of Hot Bagel memories on my way to work. I remember all the times I either met up with someone there or sat alone. All the times I purchased cigarettes and milk on my way home. The time they got a kitten and Mean Guy turned into a ball of melted butter. The time a teenager with acne and a big nose worked there and I thought he was hot. The free cookies, the lamb cake with the cigarette in its mouth, the "buy two slices get a free soda" deal. The day they started having pizza and we thought it was weird. There are so many memories the tears are welling up in mine eyes as I write this.

Some people will remember today as the day Barack Obama became the Prez. I'll remember it as the day Hot Bagels died.

The answer my friend, is blowin in the wind.

The answer is blowin in the wind.