Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Secret Sweet Spot

Yesterday was rather lovely as my special man friend decided to act a bit romo.

We went out to dinner at the most amazing place. It's this couples backyard that they turned into a restaurant. They only serve one couple or party at a time, I guess 6 people is the limit. We've been going out to dinner all week and I can safely say that this was by far the best meal we've had.
First they gave us fresh bread, butter, and this spicy dipping stuff that knocked our socks off.

I asked if they had ever served anyone they hated but Paula wouldn't tell me. She said "We don't even really talk about anyone who's been here." At first me and Moo had anxiety that they were gonna talk to us the whole time. I pictured like, a 50 year old version of Vicky, Christina, and Javier Bardem trying to hang out with us and pour us fine wine and succulent juices, but it wasn't anything like that. Simon and Paula were the perfect hosts! The duck was succulent though...

For dessert they served us blackberry-peach cobbler that was like inside a corn muffin with cold marscapone cheese. INSANITY!

If you're lucky, Oscar the dog from next door will say hi.

This place is truly amazing and magical. If you're interested, email me at me@lesleyarfin.com and I'll give you the info.