Sunday, August 30, 2009

An Awesome Thing Happened On The Way To The Yankees Game...

Okay, how do I explain this? I'll start from the beginning. My sister hooked me and Machine up with tickets to the Yankees game. We had good seats and everything and we were on the train, on our way.

This girl got on and asked if it was the train to Yankee stadium and we said yes, that's where we're going, how funny. She sat next to us and we got to talking and as it turned out, she works for the Yankees.

Her job is VIP seating.

She asked me for my number when we got off the train and told us that if she could change our seats she would text me. I thought nothing of it and we sat down.

We sat here. See? Good seats. Suddenly I get a phone call from a man named "Ryan" who tells us he's Jen's boyfriend and that they're coming to get us.

This is Jen and Ryan.

Jen and Ryan take us into a private box with unlimited free food and drinks (and of course, a private bathroom). ULTIMATE SCORE!!

Needless to say, we had the best time ever. Sorry to all you REAL Yankees fans who like, actually watch games and whatnot.