Sunday, August 16, 2009

Reading Lists

Okay, so I actually did a reading list a long time ago with Amy Kellner for Vice, but since I just finished an amazing book that was NOT on that reading list (Middlesex) I will make a new one. There might be some repeats, I'm not the most well-read person or anything. I'm not gonna make this a super mega reading list, just a lite one for this ever so fucking boring month of August.

Here goes it:

1. Middlesex:(obviously)
2. His Dark Materials Trilogy:Pretend "The Golden Compass" movie never happened and read these three books. You're brain will be blown apart into little pieces that travel through time and space and then come back into your brain and hug you.
3. The Time Traveler's Wife: Also forget about the movie (although I'll probably see it, shh). This is a beautifully crafted novel, totally give props to the author for pulling this book off. I loved it.
4. Revolutionary Road: This movie was a bore because the author basically wrote a poem about suburbia in the 50's and people can't make movies out of poetry.
5. The Road: Some people say this book is boring but I couldn't put it down. I like books about the apocalypse and besides, it's super short so whatever.
6. The Pilot's Wife: This book was kinda fucked up and I couldn't put it down but I didn't love it or anything.
7. Live From New York: This book is about the history of SNL and I thought it was awesome and it's super big so that's a plus.

Books I Am Going To Read Next:
2 Gay Talese books I took out of the library
Blood Meridian
The Fortress of Solitude
Get Happy: Bio of Judy Garland
American Pastoral

Please give me warnings and/or recommendations.