Monday, October 26, 2009

Top 10 Favorite Things: Footwear Edition

I'm gonna start making lists of my top 10 favorite things but narrow down the specifics, so this is the first one and it's SHOES. I want to do shoes first because most of the time I plan my entire outfit starting from the bottom up. And everyone knows that when you have a good outfit, you have a good day.

1. Merrell Hiking Boots: Woah. Bet you didn't think I'd start with these! Even though Machine will probably make fun of me for wearing these, I don't care cuz I really love them. They are a bit hippie but if you wear the shoe in a non-hippie context, they look really cute. If you wear them in a normal way, you'll just look like a lesbian from Colorado who enjoys hiking---which I'm not exactly mad at either.

2. Elizabeth and James pony hair flats: I just bought these flats and I love them. Mine are more of a cafe con leche color. They look like very expensive moccasins. When I bought them at Saks, they gave me a free "Influence" book which I left on the street outside my house. I don't know why. I just didn't want it. I thought it was boring.

3. Madison Harding Boots: One of my main homies makes this line of footwear, and last year she gave me one of my favorite pair of black boots. I am a huge fan of black boots/booties and am constantly buying them even though I wear sneakers most of the time these days. I wear black boots when I hit the streets but I just haven't been doing that very much in the past few months. Black boots-wise I have a whole army of these fuckers, from Alaia to Top Shop. As well as the Mad Hard ones. I love the Mad Hards because they are comfy and can be casual or fancy. Most of my black boots are the same shape and go a little higher than my ankle. I don't know why I keep buying the same pair of shoes. It's just what I like.

4.LL Bean Beanie Boots, Duck Boots: Fuck those tall Hunter rain boots. They're so hot they make my socks sweat, and ladies I'm sorry but unless you're Kate Moss, those boots will not get you laid. I guess if you are going to traipse through the wet marshes of the English countryside then yes, you should be wearing Hunter boots, but if you're short like me you should ABORT MISSION and consider these instead.

5. Black sneakers: I love sneakers and yes I have some white ones, but my eyes always go to black. All black everything...on your feet. I used to love love love these black Reeboks I had but I'm pretty sure they were bootleg because I haven't been able to find them or even find a picture of them in years. I got them at the Salvation Army aka Sal's Boutique. I love black sneakers and jeans because it makes me feel like either a jazz dancer or a waiter. I really enjoy costumes. Right now my black sneakers are these and I looooooovvvvvveeeeee them. Nike Air Max. I do enjoy wearing Nike's but that is mainly Machine's influence cuz he is obsessed with Jordans. I have black high top Jordan's but they feel too "moon boot."

6. Vintage Joan & David Tweed Bucks: I found these at Sal's Boutique for $5. Ultimate score. It's hard finding good vintage shoes in my size (6.5). I usually don't even like vintage shoes. It's the one vintage thing that grosses me out. I don't like "old heels" or "old leather" or wearing "old shoes that someone else wore the shit out of". Like you won't ever catch me saying "look at my new amazing vintage boots!" In my head that translates into "look at these overpriced old smelly boots I paid for at some dip shit lower east side store called Edith Machinist*." Anyway, these Joan & David are so awesome and in great condition and I'm pretty sure they belonged to my mom in the 80s anyway.
(*Side note: I have a side beef with the store Edith Machinist on Stanton street. Without going into crazy detail, she sold me a pair of shoes that fell apart the minute I got home and she wouldn't return them. Nevermind the fact that I live on the same block and have been a custie since day one. She left the old price tag on them as well, which was a sticker that said $7. And it was Christmas. I boycott that store now.)

7. Black Motorcycle Boots: These are classic. When I was just out of college I heard about a little website called "ebay." I thought it sounded cool so I searched "vintage motorcycle boots" and found these. I guess at that time, ebay items were sent down from heaven and God was a top seller. Haha.

8.Sven Clog Boots: I recently just threw out my pair of clog boots cuz they were worn the fuck out. When I went to buy them again I saw they were double the price. Typical. Even though I won't be buying them for this winter because they're overpriced, I will say that they were probably the best winter boots I ever had. They looked really cute with leggings when I wore leggings all the time. I'll miss you Sven clog boots.

9. Charlotte Ronson Hiking Boot Boots: These shoes are a perfect combo of two of my aforementioned favorites: the black bootie and the Merrell hiking boot. They are also lined with fleece-like material making them extra warm. At first they were too tight by the toes but now I put shoe stretch on them before I wear them and they're perfect. Shoe Stretch is a miracle drug for shoes and I HIGHLY recommend everyone going to their local cobbler to buy this stuff.

10. My shittiest running sneakers: These shoes make me the most happy. They are butt ugly and not cool at all, yet I would save them in a fire. They're silver Sauconys and when I wear them I basically look like a meth head from 'Zona. That's not a look I'm trying to go for anymore even though it might seem that way. I just feel most like myself in these ugly running sneakers. I really don't know why. I feel very confidant when I wear them. Even Moo, who is a footwear connoisseur, enjoys them. And I don't think he knows why either. I consider them the ruby slippers of my wardrobe.

The Anti-Happy Award: Because sometimes being happy is overrated, I will also add a shoe I really don't like. I know my friends will argue with me over this one, but I feel like the over-the-knee high heel boot is really gross. It's very Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, which is to say, whorish. Don't get me wrong, sometimes your feet need to be whores. That's why I own multiple pairs of Pollys. But these boots are a) highly trendy and b) highly expensive. Which means in a year from now they will look bad and you'll have wasted a lot of money on something that corporate America brainwashed you into buying. Not to sound too much like I "hate the man" but magazines are huge advertisements. It's not like I don't fall victim to this (I talked about leggings earlier, for example, or Nikes)but I don't feel like I'm that dumb to actually believe that I can pull off thigh high boots without looking like a midget whose shoes are eating me alive. I'm sure some girls can pull this off but in 6 months it will look cheap and passe and you'll be over it. Maybe my friends will prove me wrong though. I double dare them.