Monday, January 4, 2010


Now that we're entering a new decade, I think we start all admitting what's been on our minds for a while. Fuck high brow. It was cute for a while but I'm sick of it and now it's time for something different. There's something new we all want to embrace. Something that has gone from being ironic to being earnest. Something that has gone from guilty pleasure to just pleasure.

I think you know what I'm tawlking about...

I'm talking about ditching the Balenciaga for Juicy Couture. And then, ditching the Juicy Couture for Mandee. Or Joyce Leslie. I know in the 90s us pasty girls rebelled with pilly sweaters and saddle shoes and then we graduated to wanting to look normal and so we bought Marc Jacobs sweaters that looked just like the ones we had in the 90s but didn't pill as much. RIP TO THAT SHIT SON!

I'm getting a spray tan as I write this.

I mean, JWOWW is a style icon. She is willing to go where not many of us are. It's true that Lady Gaga started the no pants things but she's famous and she has to wear crazy shit to get people to like her. JWOWW is just a regular girl who likes to go clubbing with no pants. BAWLS!

JWOWW is hot. All she wants to do is go home, eat ham, and drink water. That's what I want to do too!!!

On the first episode she wore a bikini top and sweatpants rolled up at the top. SHE KNEW WHAT MY DREAM OUTFIT WAS EVEN BEFORE I DREAMED IT.

Thanks Ladies. More on this to come.