Monday, May 17, 2010

sealed with a kiss cuz a lick won't stick

My office is awesome. I work with Elizabeth, who along with Marisa Meltzer, just edited a zine called FIRST KISS.
Elizabeth has made her way into BFF status with me. I mean, just look at her.

She's so cool!

You should order First Kiss. I wrote a story in it and so did Gavin, Aviva, Jaimie Warren, Tavi, The Arab Parrot, and so many other people who will be mad at me for not linking them, but come on guys linking gets a bit tiresome and I have stuff to do right now.


PS Elizabeth gets cool shit in the mail from her millions of fans. Some girl sent her this headband that you can't wear in real life, but sure makes for a great impromptu-procrastination office photo shoot.

Even Trevor got in on the action.