Wednesday, May 12, 2010

sublet my apartment

I'm leaving this one horse town for the summer (July and August).
Please consider subletting my AWESOME apartment. It's a studio located right on Ludlow street in the fast-beating heart of the lower east side. I live a block away from the subway, across the street from a bar, next door to a health food store, San Loco, and pizza place. I live close to everything, seriously. Like no one lives to closer to everything than me.

Internet and cable, duh. AC, obv. What else do you need to know? It's a studio. It's small and efficient. Really ideal for one person.

Enjoy sitting at the desk and writing emails to your friends in Japan!
Look at the horses in the bathroom. They are real.

Spooky the cat not included...unless you want him to be.
Interested in magic? I thought you might be. Conjure spells this way!

Sleep 'neath Lenny Bruce and Ryan McGinley's bf on a bike. Sweet dreams much?

Price available upon request. Please contact me at