Sunday, April 6, 2008

I wanna chew my bubblegum with you

Ok, so we were at Hare Krishna sleepaway camp. We then traveled 3 hours BACK to Calcutta (Children of Men meets Sally Struthers). We then went to the airport and waited another 3 hours for a plane to some fucking city, which took an hour. Not a bad flight though.
Then we took a car for 30 minutes to Siliguri to get to a Jeep. We piled into this Jeep with 12 other people and traveled for 3 hours up, up, up into the Himalayas (just the foothills mind you) to get to Darjeeling.


I'm telling you, God literally lives here. LITERALLY. If not God then definitely Santa or the Care Bears. DUDE, SANTA!!!

On another note, I can't believe I thought I could survive this trip without an ipod. We're on buses, trains, planes, and rickshaws non stop. Music is totally my boyfriend now for reals. Thanks Cindy Greene.
This is a list of songs that me and Farber have latched onto for the past...20 days. Fuck. I've been gone for 20 days?!?!

Eye of the Tiger: Survivor
Berkley Pier: Tilt
Chesterfield King: Jawbreaker
Neutron Dance: Pointer Sisters
Rise Up With Fists: Jenny Lewis
Ditty: Paperboy
Goodbye Horses: Q Lazarus
The Real Janelle: Bratmobile
Web In Front: Archers of Loaf
Lori Meyers: NOFX
This Might Be Satire: Propagandhi
Picture: Sheryl Crowe and Kid Rock
Dance 10, Looks 3: A Chorus Line
Feet: Weston
Laura: Scissor Sisters
Lovin in my Baby's Eyes: Taj Mahal
I wanna Die: Jolie Holland
Deep Inside: Mary J
Jerk of all Trades: Lunachicks
Metal Heart: Cat Power
No Spiritual Surrender: Inside Out (!)
Hare Hare Krsna Krsna: Ariel Telford
Do You Think I'm Sexy: Revolting Cocks
Weak: SWV
Back 2 Life: Soul II Soul

(ps i miss ya'll)