Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tea Party


Darjeeling is definitely the Max Fish of India, except that everyone here is decked out in Patagonia and hiker gear. I give the LES about 4 more months to catch on to that fashion wave.

It's really different from India, most people here are Tibetan or some other race that looks like a mix between Chinese and Indian. All the kids have the best uniforms. They sell a shit ton of basketball jerseys, Adidas, and old nightgowns. It's basically the old nightgown capitol of the world. YAY!

The bad news is that we're not going to Nepal. Don't start with me on this!
There's a strike at the border and they're not letting anyone in from April 10-12 (sketch) and every time we check google news there's another explosion (mega sketch). I know I'll make it to Nepal one day, but I'm not in the mood to die right now. We've been losing weight and hair and our minds due to all the stress in India, so we're bailing.

The good news is that we're going to Thailand on Friday!
We fly to Bangkok...where's the boom spot??