Thursday, October 15, 2009


I haven't been blogging here so much, but what I have been doing is writing a lot more in my diary. Pen to paper style. I guess since my camera broke I've been using it as an excuse not to write here, because I always think who wants to read my stupid ramblings anyway? You just want pictures right? Right?

Maybe blogging is the way to fortune and fame and "getting discovered"? I don't know. Good writing is good writing and good writing means if you have nothing good to say, then don't say it.

Update on my life:

I just got back from LA where Hilary and I stayed with our friend Sophia. Sophia had just gotten back from Morocco and we stayed with for a week, and I got sick and then I got Hilary sick, so basically what I'm saying is that Sophia is a saint.

[cute photo of Sophia would go here]

I saw other friends too, like Chloe, Alex Olson, Chelsea, and Jonny Makeup.

[cute group photo of all those people together as best friends here]

I also saw Whip It and Good Hair. Whip It was cute but not hilarious or mind-blowing, and Good Hair was interesting albeit too long and a little boring. Save it for your netflix maybe? I don't know, I was also kinda sick and it was the second movie of the day.

[no photo here]

Some wacky hi jinx went down which included me breaking a glass picture frame, Hilary getting glass in her eye, missing our flight but getting on standby anyway, getting locked out of the house, getting into fights, getting late night meals with new friends, buying a cool jacket at the flea market, eating at Toast a lot, going to fancy/funny events and parties and hanging with new and funny people.

[video montage of all of those things here]

All in all the trip was LIFE CHANGING!!!

I'll miss you LA and LA friends.