Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Groupie Chronz: I'm Not With The Band

I posted this on buzznet but thought I'd share it with you guys as well. What happened is that I got the chance to hang around a band. I got to win my way into their hearts, or at least try, so I figured I'd kill two creative birds with one bedazzled stone and write about. (I'm not sure why the stone is bedazzled, but let's just run with it). Now that I think about it, befriending a band isn't really being creative. So I just killed one creative bird.

Can you tell I'm tired? IT'S NO EXCUSE.

Anyway, here's part 1 of The Groupie Chronicles. Hope you likey.

Sometimes I moonlight as a groupie. I'll admit it. It means I go out with dudes in bands (well, there have only been 2 of them to be exact).

You might remember my first epic groupie adventure from this blog

And maybe my second groupie adventure could be just moving to LA for the summer, but I'm not gonna count that.

I was supposed to go to Comic Con today with a band but when my boyfriend overselpt, I got kicked outta the van.* He was stressed for time and I don't think me saying "wait, I can't find my phone!" really helped much. Needless to say I never made it to Comic Con.

Needless to say I'm bummed.

So instead I went shopping. I drove to Sunland thrift only to find zero things. Then I went to a store called Driftwood on Sunset and got this skirt. It's pretty I think!

*bathing suit top by APC, skirt from Driftwood, sneakers by Converse

I can only use this groupie chronicling as a learning experience.

1. If the band needs to wake up on time, be the type of groupie who sets a second alarm just in case.

2. Be the type of groupie not to forget anything, and if you do, don't tell the band. They don't wanna hear it.

3. Don't stay mad. Groupies should live like free birds. Let go, move on to the next groupie adventure.

* Please note that my "kicked outta the van" statement should be stricken from the record. It was an exaggeration on my part and my boyfriend is nothing but a sweet sweet guitar playing lovebug who also happens to be extremely determined and hard-working, while I am just merely along for the ride, in whatever vehicle (metophorical and literal) that will take me there, if I'm lucky.