Monday, August 9, 2010

Love Was A Dangerous Angel

I went to the screenplay reading of Weetzie Bat last night at Book Soup in LA. I wore this outfit because I thought it was Weetzie-esque. The thing about LA is that wearing anything other than flip flops makes you feel way overdressed. So that happened.

If you don't know what Weetzie Bat is, click here and here. Or I'll just tell you. It was a seminal young adult book series I read in high school. A lot of alernative kids were into it.

This was sort of a big deal. Girls with black framed glasses having only been dreaming about what this book would be like as a movie since 1995. Now those girls are older and wear contacts. Still, Weetzie will always have a cult following. Like this young lady:

This girl showed up too. She looks just like what I wished I looked like in the 90s. I was trying not to be too creepy with the camera.

Here's Francesca Lia Block (author) posing with... guess?

Yup. Dirk, Duck, and My Secret Agent Lover Man. (I KNOW!!)

Does this gal look familiar? She was only Dottie in Pee Wee's Big Adventure, the friend in Valley Girl, and the singer in the band that played at the dance in Better Off Dead.

She sang an acoustic version of "Send Me An Angel" that started out with a douche chill, but ended with just a regular chill.

Look at the girl who played Weetzie! Ain't she cute?

Overall I'd say that the script was actually pretty cute. I especially liked the part when Weetzie and Dirk went to the Jane Mansfield fan club party. I left early though because the girl next to me passed out and I let her mom take my standing room spot. I bought a book and left. Plus listening to people read scripts makes me feel weird.